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Fics~the one with Hirosuke in it ~_^

Title : Personal service 

Rating : smut / nc-17 ( maybe )

Pairing : Kitayama Hiromitsu x Fujigaya Taisuke ( HIROSUKE )

Warned : un-beta-ed so be prepared of three thing...grammatical error and silly spelling mistake..bad plot and storyline and this is smut (i'm trying) so if you dislike..please don't read..

a/n : specially for Denise..and also Juu ( another Hirosuke from me )..I know it may look crappy because I'm not really good in this.So forgive really kills my brain so I need to stop writing for a while and hide inside closet..*dang~dirty mind of Nana*..

It’s raining outside while Kitayama,Kawai and Totsuka decided to go outside and take a walk while Taisuke didn’t joined them.It was the day after Takizawa enbujyou where the four of them are planning to have a few day rest and holiday in some place far from Tokyo.


“Yatta !!! the end of our tiredness day”Totsuka squeezed his eyes and grinning.


“Ne~where’s Tai-chan? You’re the same room as him.Did he really didn’t want to follow us?”Kawai asked and turned his gaze toward his friend.Totsuka stay at the same room as Taisuke while Kawai in the same room as Kitayama.


“Man~ I don’t know why Taisuke want to stay in the same room with me instead of you..hmm”Totsuka said and giggled.


“Oi~what do you mean by that”Kitayama punched his friend shoulder slowly and laughed while his mind keep refreshing the moment he and Taisuke did some ‘fanservice’.


“Ne~it’s still raining so what are we going to do?”Kawai asked. “And Tai-chan said he got some headache wo why don’t we leave him for a rest..he look pale since yesterday.”


“Hmm..”Kitayama took a deep breathe and think “I don’t know and I don’t feel like to go out all of sudden.”


“But I still want to go to that famous  Chinese cuisine .You know—the one that Masuda-kun keep telling us”Totsuka sighed.


“Yea—yea.. I know.You really want to try that steamed whatever meat isn’t”Kawai said.


“So..?”Kitayama wanted some decision now. “I think I’m pass this how bout you two?”


“We’re going since this is our last night here”Totsuka said,with full determination. “Ne kawai?”he gave Kawai some meaningful wink.


“Unn..”before  Kawai could finish his word,Totsuka suddenly kick his leg. “Hey !!”


“We’re going so bye bye”Totsuka pulled Kawai arm and walked outside the hotel lounge,leaving Kitayama in questioned face.But then,he could feel something vibrate .Kitayama slide his hand into his pocket and took out his mobile phone. One message receive.


From: Totsu


Ganbare ne for your dreamed personal service =P


There was a huge smiled on Kitayama’s lips.This baka…




‘Urgghhh~my head’ Taisuke slowly opened his eyes and almost died from a terrible shocked after seeing Kitayama sit in front of him—smiling.


“Hi..Hiro..why are you here? How did you get in? where’s Totsu?”Taisuke started to feel nervous.


“Totsu and Kawai go out for their dreamed steamed meat whatever it is..and me? Here? What do you think”Kitayama gave him a naughty smiled.This make Taisuke shifted uncomfortably.


“Unn..”that’s all he can say. “I want to call for room service—to ask them something about this laundry”Taisuke tried to sit on his bed.


“Room service?..”Kitayama said. “ Ne—have you thinking about our personal service? That is much more important than this hotel room service you know.”


“Hiro..what do you mean”Taisuke could feel his throat starting to dry.


“Baka ne Tai-chan..are you trying to act stupid or cute?”Kitayama couldn’t help but to smile while he started placing his hand to the other boy waist.


Before Taisuke could opened his mouth,Kitayama lips sealed onto his and his nails clawing over his back.Taisuke tried as he can to pull away and breath but failed.Kitayama seems refused to let him go and keep kissing him hungrily—sucking his lower lips.


“Hi..Hiro..”Taisuke tried again,pushed away Kitayama on the chest. “Onegai..”he mumbled between the kiss.Slowly Kitayama parted the kiss and stare at him sharply.


“Are you okay?”he asked.


“My head.. I .. I head..headache”Taisuke don’t know why he can’t speak clearly now.


“Ne.. I know the best medicine which can cure you..guarantee..”Kitayama’s hand started to rubbed his nipple as Taisuke was shirtless that time.While he lower his head and sucked the other nipple—playing with it.Make the other boy let go some moan.Kitayama like that so he continue too suckle every skin that Taisuke had in chest.


“Ne..”Taisuke realized he was now—having a hard time to breathe.But,he seems to feel something good on this.He kinda like it when Kitayama did that to him as if he wanted it—more??


“Tai-chan..just let me cure you”Kitayama started to unbutton his own shirt while his lips keep licking Taisuke’s neck. “Don’t resist”


“But..”Taisuke know it seems hard to resist anymore temptations.He could feel his body heat shutter up and all he know now was—he want more..


“You want me don’t you..say it”Kitayama demand.




“Say it..”Kitayama rubbed the other boy’s member,tickle it.


“Touch me”Taisuke couldn’t stand any longer.In a few minutes,both of them are completely naked.Kitayama lower his head down to Taisuke’s stomach,licking every inches of the other boy barely skin.Until he reaches Taisuke’s hardened member,which started to change in shape.Smiling toward him,Kitayama’s started to lick the tip of Taisuke’s cock, using the pre-cum he’s produced as extra lubrication.Kitayama enjoy it so much as he took the whole member length onto his mouth,making the other boy gasped with moaned and groaned.Burned in unexplainable pleasure.


“ it..”Taisuke tugged his hair and whimper Kitayama’s name many times.


“It’ll hurt.. and that is something that I don’t want to do..hurting you..even I have my lube but it still going to hurt since it was your first time.”Kitayama said slowly.


“Hiro..don’t you ever say those word to me..just go inside me..”Taisuke said in ertic motion.


“Wait..let me finished what I’ve started”Kitayama’s wrapped his hand around Taisuke’s cock and sucked it again,harder this time.Doing his handjob,blowjob in miracle way.As Taisuke keep moaning and whimpering—feeling the pleasure.When finally his cum bricked out and hitting Kitayama’s mouth.Kitayama on the other hand—drink it as if he was in dyingly thirsty. “It’s taste good.”he hummed.


“Okay..”he slowly pushed one finger covered with lube inside and Taisuke almost gasped as he could feel it move inside.Trying to catch his breathe,Taisuke nod.


“More..I’m okay..”Taisuke said.He could feel a little bit –hurt…maybe but he tried to hold it since it was only Kitayama’s first finger and Taisuke barely blinked his eyes when Kitayama slides in another finger.And finally,the last finger—this one is pain !!


“Hiro..”Taisuke frowned.


“Is it hurt?”Kitayama asked worriedly but before he could pulled back his finger,Taisuke shouted.


“Do it..I’m fine”Taisuke almost begged as he couldn’t stand any longer.Kitayama nodded slowly.


“You’re tight..”Kitayama mumbled but he started to place his tip of his cock toward Taisuke’s entrance. “Ready?”


“More then you know”Taisuke said in muffled voice,with his hair look wet,humid and sticking.


“Okay..take a deep breathe..if it hurt..tell”Kitayama warned.


“Okay..”Taisuke agreed and closed his eyes.He groaned in  pain as he could feel the first thrust from Kitayama,hitting his entrance but the movement was slow.He knew Kitayama was afraid he might hurt or something.But it really hurt..Kitayama’s right.It do hurt so much but Taisuke wanted more.He don’t know why but he wanted more.


“Move..”Taisuke ordered.


“Relax’re so hot now..”Kitayama started to move in and out slowly as he felt the other boy body is ready.Taisuke moan and gasped fill up the room,echoing of the walls and the windows.Kitayama loves on how tight he felt inside Taisuke,make him move in determination,bury his cock as deep as he can inside Taisuke’s hot and tight cavern.


For the last time,Kitayama slammed hard and Taisuke moaned so loudly and it came.Kitayama’s cum spilling inside Taisuke’s.It goes fast and Kitayama felt so much pleasure.


Feeling that was enough,Kitayama’s released himself and lay down beside Taisuke’s.

Both of them tried to breathe normally.Still feel tired.


“That was HOT !!” Kitayama said and smiled.


“I never know it feels this way..”Taisuke said shyly.


“So how was your headache? Did I manage to kiss that away?”asked Kitayama.


“I guess so..but.. I think I have another new problem”Taisuke replied.




“I don’t know if I can walk normally or sit properly as usual..and tomorrow we will have a long journey back to Tokyo.It’s your fault”


Kitayama laughed  and turned a side facing Taisuke. “You can take my place next time—if you want to”


“Huuh?”Taisuke looked at Kitayama and blushed. “Ne..what if Totsu came back and saw us like this?”


“Daijobu” Kitayama said and smiled  “ He and Kawai might have their own personal service..who know”he said slowly—almost whispered.


“Huh ? what..?”Taisuke asked back as he didn’t really heard the last sentence.


“Nothing..come here”Kitayama pulled Taisuke near to him ad suggled closer,feeling the warmth of each other body.


Ding dong~”ROOM SERVICE”


Both Taisuke and Kitayama looked at each other face.


“Room service? You called for it?”Kitayama voice turned panic.


“I don’t know.. I guess so..oh no..what should we do?”Taisuke gulped.


Ding dong~”ROOM SERVICE”


“Damn..quick..HIDE !!!”Kitayama said quickly and both of them hide inside the big closet.


“Ne~~if both of us hide inside this..who’s gonna opened the door?”










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