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귀여워 hika-chan in da house ^_~


14 September 1987
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the thing that i like....and person that i love...of course..

In evening, when I & 『Nikaido』 were on the beach, he gave me ♥ a promise ♥ that we will be together forever. We'll have a big ♥ wedding♥ where I'll can meet my idols from ★ JE ★
{Nikaido Takashi} told me:

"You can fall from the sky,
you can fall from a tree,
but the best way to fall
is in love with me."

[Nikaido Takashi]
can BITE my lips anytime
he wants.

What [Nikaido Takashi] did to [Nana] at [BEDROOM]?
1. pushed her to his bed
2. bit her lips
3. licked her lips
ed her passionately

[Nikaido Takashi] will always be my baby.
"you'll always be a part of me
i'm a part of you indefinitely
boy don't you know you can't escape me
ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby~"

I'd Eat UYou're So Delicious

“When I saw you I was afraid to meet you.
When I met you I was afraid to kiss you.
When I kissed you I was afraid to love you.
Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you.”

http://ultimate-haru.livejournal.com/">a love song by [NIKAIDO TAKASHI] to ・°[NANA]°・ titled [U]

Last night, i was having a conversation with myNikaido Takashiin our room.
[Nika]: [Nana dear], when i'm looking in your eyes... it feels like the first time.
[Nana]: eh? *blushes *
[Nika]: and for the record, you'll always be a part of me...
no matter what you do.
[Nana]: *blinks & blushes more* uhh... yess.
[Nika]: and... don't forget that you only belong to me. *smirks*
and after saying that, he kissed me passionately on the lips.
...and IT just happened that night. ♥♥

If you lost your virginity, chances are [NIKAIDO tAKASHI] probably has it.


No matter where Nikaido Takashi is, I'm forever in his heart

There are plenty of fish in the sea,
but Nikaido Takashi is the only one for me.

img src="http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh259/Bambina_NEWS/71.gif" border="0" alt="Photobucket">
nikaido takashiis the Sweetest Taste of Sin

Sex with {NIKAIDO TAKASHI} is like eating potato chips once you start you just cant stop.
That is until you die from all the magnificiant pleasure you have recieved from
{NIKA}'s tremendous love making skills.


Nothing is SEXIER than the way Nikaido Takashi takes off
his clothes before crawling into bed with me

I tried GOOGLING the word SEXY, but all the appeared was:
Are you sure you weren't looking for

- in a bar -

honey, you know... our love is stronger than any drug.
and i'm so addicted... that i just can't get enough of you.
everytime i'm with you... i want some more.

[NANA] ::
*whispers to his ears*
baby, you know... you can just sweep me up....
and we can go to a little spot where no one knows.
you can caress my body... and never let go.

...long as i know you've got me...
I'll be loving you long time

center>→Nikaido Takashi← and I were walking hand in hand along the beach late at night, when he turned around, got on one knee and asked, "will you marry me?" I teared up, hugged him, and replied "yes!" Then we kissed under the brightly shining moon.</center>(*≧▽≦)~ わあ。。。 すごい です ね?!
This Hamtaro is my gift fromNika-chuu! ♥«

Nikaido Takashi ☆ミ

the smile on your face
lets me know that you need me
There's a
truth in your eyes
saying you'll never leave me
touch of your hands
says you'll catch me whenever I fall..

Dear Johnny-san,
Can you Please inform (nikaido takashi) to stop making my head explode!
Sincerely, (Nana)-chan
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is my whore!~
he fucks on the first date. </font></center>